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Koch campaign urges Quincy voters to check YouTube

for troubling reminders of Phelan’s time as Mayor

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Quincy -- Today the Koch campaign urged voters to let the public record speak for itself when judging Bill Phelan’s record as Holbrook Town Administrator. 

“As it happens Holbrook, like Quincy, has a very high quality public access TV network,” said Koch campaign spokesman Conor Yunits. “A simple search for Bill Phelan and Holbrook on YouTube turns up some lively videos that speak to Mr. Phelan’s poor leadership and history of bullying.”

In one video, from June 2012, the Holbrook School Committee votes unanimously to monitor communication between Phelan and the school superintendent due to “slanderous” comments made by Phelan.

In calling for the vote, School Committee Vice Chair Ann Poppenga says, “Mr. Phelan can go after Barbara [Davis, Chair of the Committee] and I, but we as the governing body of the schools have an obligation to protect the dignity and the pride of the superintendent, the students, the families and the staff of the Holbrook Schools.” 

“I will no longer tolerate, and I would assume this committee will no longer tolerate, the degrading and demeaning comments and innuendos directed at the students, faculty and staff [by Phelan],” Poppenga adds after the vote.

[View the video here:]

In other videos from February 2013, Phelan calls Holbrook’s efforts to secure state funding for new schools “ass backwards,” and makes very clear his disdain for committee members.

[View the videos here: and here:

During his tenure as Mayor of Quincy, Phelan built a reputation for a scorched-earth leadership style, leading to a disastrous teacher’s strike and the loss of millions of dollars in state funding for new schools in Quincy, among other issues. It took Tom Koch’s leadership to repair broken relationships with business leaders, school teachers, and state leaders.

In Holbrook, Phelan had much the same effect, with the school committee accusing Phelan of “defying the wishes of Town Meeting” in 2011. In April 2013, the chairman of the Holbrook Finance Committee filed an ethics complaint against Phelan, who was actively campaigning to defeat members of the school committee who opposed him. 

Phelan’s combative attitude towards the public is on display in another video from April 2013, in which Phelan disrupts a meeting of the Holbrook Finance Committee, and attempts to convince the Chief of Police not to answer the Committee’s budget questions. The bank and forth on camera makes for riveting television: 

Committee member: “Mr. Phelan, excuse me, Mr. Phelan. We’re talking to the chief.”

Phelan: “I’m conferring with the chief.”

Committee member:  “I’m discussing with the chief right now, in our meeting.”

Phelan: “I understand.”

Committee member: “Well, can we please have our conversation with the police chief?”

Phelan: “Actually I’d like to discuss something with him first if that’s ok with you.”'

Committee member: “No we’re in the middle of a meeting right now. You’re disrupting the meeting. Can we please carry on our meeting? 

Phelan: “I’m not disrupting anything.” [Turns and says something inaudible to police chief.]

Committee member: “We’re meeting with the police chief about the police budget, and you won’t let us talk to him.”

[View the video here:]

"A Zebra doesn't change his stripes, and unfortunately Bill Phelan's career has always been more about burning bridges and bullying than honest leadership. It’s a big reason why Quincy voters have rejected him so many times already," said Yunits.


A Better Quincy For Tomorrow

In just in his first six years in office, Mayor Tom Koch has led Quincy through the toughest economy in a generation to a period of remarkable growth.  From new schools, to neighborhood flood-relief, new roads, bridges, parks and utilities, financial reforms, and the boldest economic development plan in Massachusetts, Mayor Koch has helped create a Quincy that is vibrant, welcoming, and ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

The Boston Herald calls his leadership “Granite Resolve,” so it’s no wonder that Quincy was recognized by Boston Magazine as a “City on the Move” and was recently named by two national studies as one of the Top 50 midsize cities to live in all of America.

Mayor Koch continues to work hard for the residents of Quincy. 

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