It is the times of difficulty and crisis that define a leader, and Mayor Koch has more than met that definition by shepherding our community through emergencies ranging such as historic flooding to challenges like tackling head-on the substance abuse epidemic afflicting communities across the country 

  • Created an emergency housing fund for our residents impacted by the March 2018 coastal storm by using fees paid for by developers of major project 

  • Created a similar home repair program using the same funding source 

  • No other community in Massachusetts created similar programs 

  • Major emergency repairs to coastal infrastructure were completed within a few months of the damage, again using millions of dollars in fees paid for by development projects 

  • Activated resources from across the Northeast to assist the City during the record-breaking 2015 snow season, creating safe and functional roadways before many surrounding communities 

Substance Abuse Crisis 

  • Directed the Quincy Police Department to become the first Department in the nation to have its officers carry anti-overdose medication 

  • Created a community-based task force used as model across the state 

  • Dramatically expanded educational programs and launched major after-school initiative for our young people 

  • One of the few communities in Massachusetts to use local resources to open and sustain an addiction recovery center. 

  • Efforts earn recognition from the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy     

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