Infrastructure & Transportation

Mayor Koch took unprecedented steps to restore the City’s aging infrastructure, including roads, water and sewer lines, drainage systems, flood protection systems, traffic control equipment and public facilities. Much of the work has been matched by state and federal grant funding through the Mayor’s work with his fellow leaders

  • Reconstruction of Hancock Street/Squantum Street intersection, dramatically improving one of the most dangerous intersections in the City 

  • The new Walter Hannon Parkway, providing the first East-West connection to Downtown. 

  • A reimagined and rebuilt traffic pattern in downtown, eliminating the dangerous four lanes of traffic between City Hall and the Church of the Presidents in favor of a park and pedestrian accessibility. 

  • An innovative traffic signalization system at more than 10 of the most difficult intersections in the City 

  • Bicycle lanes installed on a number of a major arteries, with more to come 

  • Working with state partners, a rebuilt Neponset River Bridge, a new Fore River Bridge, and repairs and reconstruction of bridges in North Quincy and West Quincy, among others 

  • A state-of-the-art water meter system that has saved taxpayers millions of dollars by detecting leaks immediately

  • An expansive program to detect leaking sewer lines, dramatically reducing pollution 

  • Repaired seawalls in Squantum and Houghs Neck 

  • A conversion to LED streetlights after taking ownership of more than 6,000 lights from National Grid. 

  • A program for new, higher seawalls and pump stations in coastal areas impacted by climate change 

  • Millions of dollars invested in new flood relief projects in West Quincy and other areas

  • A systematic program to improve drainage in neighborhoods across the City

  • The most aggressive road and underground utility improvement program in recent history, with more than 100 roads slated for work in the first year of the five-year program. 

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